Evangelistic Course Of Evangelos Marinakis

Everyone wonders how billionaire businessman like Evangelos Marinakis would choose to sell all his businesses and give his life to Christ. Perhaps it is the same calling Jesus gave to Zacchaeus in the Bible to sell all he had and follow him (Christ).  Evangelos goes to the books of history.

In the early 1990s Capital Maritime was the talk of the town in Greece. Evangelos Marinakis invested in the shipping industry and emerged to be the wealthiest entrepreneur in that field. He had many ships and conducted international businesses in exports and imports of cars, farming machinery, and many more.

The travels that he made all over the world encouraging people on business matters and sponsoring many are overwhelming. Besides the shipping, he invested in the food processing firms, which he made immense profits. He employed thousands of people, who are still the employees of the same companies.

During his prime time in business, he served as an advisory to many councils and a member of the business board of governor of different companies. The mark he left before joining a different business of saving souls is an indelible one.

Evangelos Marinakis surrendered himself to Christ in 2007; he began a church in the heart of Athens in Greece. It was the most unexpected move that shocked the world and especially those who knew him. Many came to his counsel not to quit the business in vain.

No one has ever known why such sudden change, but Evangelos Marinakis himself. Anyways, his new journey was incredible. He constructed a church in a 2-acre piece of land. The church had a carrying capacity of 20,000 faithful with the underground parking of more than 200 cars. The compound seats on a 10-acre farm.

As soon as he launched the church, more than 20,000 people attended his services from all over the world. Many of them did not come to feed on the word, but to be sure it was Evangelos Marinakis on the pulpit. Others wanted to identify with the wealthiest evangelist in the world.

All the mixed feelings were entangled in the sermon and the testimony that Evangelos gave. It was so moving and meaningful that the doubts about him being on the pulpit varnished. A few who came to witness found themselves giving their lives to Christ as well.

However, he did not give the reason why he quit the business for evangelism. Nevertheless, his church continued to flock than never before. In his church, Christ is Key Ministries; Evangelos Marinakis began a lot of projects that changed the lives of dwellers of Athens and other parts of Greece.

The experience he gathered in the cooperate world helped him manage the projects amicably. One of the initial plans of his church was to clean the town of Athens by restructuring the lives of the street dwellers, children, and adults.

Christ Is Key Ministries founded a rehabilitation center. The aim was to rehabilitate the street families into useful personalities who could be the instruments of change in the future. The rehabilitation centers also incorporated the drug addicts and alcoholics.

Greece has more than 6,000 street families who live on the city pavements. They survive on begging, some wash cars, and others hawk. Streetlife saddens Evangelos Marinakis to the bone. He prepared a program of handling them in a way that would be of benefit.

He called out for volunteers who would help in facilitating the training. He also employed professionals who would handle medical issue because some were hard addicts off drugs. In the first recruitment, he was able to harness at least 200 of them.

The number went up in the subsequent months. Today the Rehabilitation center hosts at least 1000. Some have come back to full order in life and have left for their personal development.

It is evident that rehabilitation alone is not enough without a follow-up activity and without supporting programs that would help the children and adults keep to the lane of sobriety. Evangelos Marinakis established a school that he recruited the children who were under rehabilitation.

Those who were unable to attend the regular schools had other alternatives. Every year Evangelos sponsors them into technical institutions of learning for special causes. It is fantastic to learn that 70% of the students who attend the polytechnics and so on, tend to be more successful in their careers.

From his rehabilitation center, most of them are successful foremen, mechanics, and business people.

He uses the same Alma Mata to encourage other youths and adults involved in drug abuse and alcoholism and even the street children. It is unfortunate that, some children run back to the street. But for those he has turned a new leaf in their lives, he deserves a pat at the back.

There are more schools that Evangelos Marinakis has begun for the less fortunate. He feels they equally need a test of useful life, with the modern environment for learning. He has three schools in Athens that are ultra-constructed with fabulous facilities. Anyone getting in for the first time can develop cold feet imagining how expensive they could be.

Each child that completes primary education and secondary gets a sponsor to take them through their higher education. It has not been difficult for Marinakis to get scholarships for them because of his already established capacity.

What makes Evangelos Marinakis feel more fulfilled is the good number of youths who give their lives to Christ and join him in the ministry of spreading the gospel. Some get into the business, and they excel. Of course, he takes his time to mentor them.

Christ Is The Key Ministries is the new church in Athens that puts its focus on the spiritual health of its members and other members of the community. It is not the “get rich” type of gospel ministries that the world is full off nowadays.

Besides the spiritual, it also minds the physical health and the good of the city of Athens; it directly contributes to changing lives and even brings out more potential in the lives of people.






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